I have missed my staging date … What do I do?

There is a lot of noise around auto enrolment for workplace pensions and company liabilities, so when a call came in to our offices on Friday afternoon from a company with a staging date on Sunday 1st November we confirmed that we could set up their pension in time and help them with the follow on process. And we did.


So how had this company ended up in this predicament?

Put simply, they hadn’t taken control of the situation; they believed that their accountants had it under their wing as they had always delivered their payroll. They firmly believed that they still had 5 months to start their Workplace Pension after the staging date. This company had failed to notice that the staging date had actually been 1 June 2015 and their window for registering their Declaration of Compliance was upon them.

Luckily for them we immediately set up their Workplace Pension ( ON Friday Evening ) and contacted the Pensions Regulator on Monday morning to advise them of the issue. We are helping our new clients through the compliance process and working with the Pensions Regulator to minimise any fines they may have.

There are three sad morals to this story:

  1. Don’t leave it to someone else unless you know they are delivering this service
  2. Don’t leave it too late – Unnecessary fines are completely unneccessary
  3. Talk to someone like us who are dealing with these issues every day if you are having a problem understanding your responsibilities or just don’t know how to carry them out.

We are EMERGENCY Workplace Pension specialists. If you have left it to the eleventh hour, contact us on 07929 357 915  – it’s why we give you our mobile numbers!