When communicating can be dangerous - auto enrolment

When communicating can be dangerous

Auto enrolment is a journey of compliance

When it comes to helping clients find suitable funds for auto enrolment, of course we can help. But auto-enrolment is more than just putting an employee onto a pension scheme; it is a journey of compliant communications that the employer has to have with staff and one that must be managed properly if you are to safeguard the company for the future. 

When you create a new workplace pension ready to auto enrol your staff you are just one step into the journey. Beyond this there are a series of communications you have to make to ensure your staff are fully primed and able to make an informed decision as to their eligibility and their wish to either join, or remove themselves, from the scheme. During that process there are certain things you are not able to say or intimate, and you ignore these at your peril; communicating the wrong message can be dangerous and have repercussion at a later stage.

This is where we really bring value to the table…

You need specialist advisers at hand to take away this problem, protecting both the employer and the employee. Their dedicated helpline will be your frontline and will explain what auto enrolment really means to your staff and how this will affect them; you can sit back whilst a workplace pension auto enrolment specialist protects your company and clearly communicates with your staff on your behalf, ensuring everyone has the information they need to make an informed decision.

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