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Auto Enrolment support for Accountants & Advisers

Workplace Pension Auto Enrolment is coming for all businesses in the UK and as business professionals we all have to find solutions to help our clients embrace the new laws, protect themselves from non compliance and continue successfully in business.

Whether you are an Accountant, Bookkeeper or IFA you may not have an in-house solution to the new regulations, or you may only have part of the solution. Already we have heard of instances where clients have been late to stage as they believed their advisers were helping them; there is a lot of confusion around roles and this can create a problem for you, the trusted adviser, if there is any misunderstanding (READ ARTICLE). 

At AE Ready we are able to provide a low cost, affordable solution to your clients to prepare them for workplace pension auto enrolment – working with you to make it happen for them.

If you would like to discuss our range of services for you and your clients then please contact us to arrange an appointment where we can explore your requirements.

Seminars for Accountant’s Clients

In order to help our associate accountants we can run seminars for their clients, explaining the requirements of workplace pensions auto enrolment, what they need to do and what we can do to help them.

If your practice would find this of help, please contact us. We will be pleased to advise.

Morley Tippett Accountants
Seminar:10th December 2015

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BMS Silchester
Seminar:3rd December 2015

Seminar on the 14 May 2016, Romsey Golf Club for accountant Ralph Crump

Seminar held for clinets of Ralph Crump Accountants